You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to enjoy playing with our innovative RC Vehicles and Robot Toys. Now, as the times have changed, everything is getting mechanized using new technologies. RC Cars, RC Helicopters and Toy Robots as Gifts are in fashion as children prefer gadgets as compared to other static conventional toys.

RC Vehicle

In our RC Vehicle section you will find great range of RC Cars, trucks, RC Helicopters, planes, and RC boats with most popular choices being racing cars and helicopters.

Remote Controlled Cars come in a variety of designs from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Ford Mercurys and Corvettes. These are nitro cars that run on a speed of seventy five miles per hour. Children are very fond of collecting such cars and sharing them with their friends.

Clearance Item - Toyota Celica GT-S RC Electric Car
Clearance Item - 1:16 Scale Licensed RTR C-Class Sport AMG Mercedes Electric RC Car
Clearance Item - Silverlit Electric 1:16 Official Licensed Nissan Calsonic 350Z RC Car
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Remote Controlled Helicopters

Here you can find the most excellent models of remote controlled helicopters that will suit your requirement. Moreover they are so easy on the pockets that they can be an ideal gift for your kid. You can go for toy helicopters, indoor remote controlled helicopters, beginner’s helicopters and many other models.

Fier Coaxial Rotor RTF 2CH Electric RC Helicopter
Hornet 3 Mini RC Helicopter Digital Proportional Package Deal (Buy 2 Get 1 FREE)
ESKY Belt CP 3D 6CH RTF Electric RC Helicopter
AH64 Apache Longbow 2CH RTF RC Helicopter

Toy Robots

Talking of gadgets, robots are also in trend as they are well liked by children because of the mechanical movements and activities. You can find several robotic toys with the most popular robot toy in this category being Robopet Robot Dog, RoboReptile Robot, Owi Soccer Jr. Robot Kit and Robone RC Toy Robot.

You can even build or reprogram your own Robots just by following detailed instructions. The Robot Kits have tremendous educational value and vary to match your skill level from Beginner to Intermediate and then to Advanced Robot Kits with or without soldering option. You will gradually become an experience robot engineer able to work with Programmable Robot Kits as well.

Silverlit Jabber-Bot Electric Mini Robot
Clearance Item - RC Stunt Robot RTR Electric Heroism Warrior Car
Silverlit Hip Hop Pet iKool Kat MP3 Robot
Silverlit Build-A-Robot Easy RC Robot Kit

Educational Toys

Educational Computer Toys section offers unique and fun educational tools to teach young children reading and music.